Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pssst....did you hear? isn't a secret anymore...

I am a grandma!

Kidlet One and Favorite-Son-In-Law are having a baby in March of next year!  

This week they heard the heartbeat of their baby.  They recorded it so we could hear it as well.

What a joy to hear my grandbaby's heart beating.  

Poor Kidlet One has been sick during this first trimester.  Mashed potatoes were one of the foods that she could keep down.   The fact that spuds were enjoyed by Baby early on will be a good thing.  The biggest platter/bowl of food on my family's table for any holiday is the buttery mashed potatoes.  We LOVE mashed potatoes and I'm so glad Baby is being inducted into the We-Love-Our-Spuds club.

It has been really fun to hear Kidlet Three talk to his sister now.  The two of them have a special bond in their 11-year age difference and that bond is the only reason he can get away with asking her this:

Are you fat yet?

He asks her this every time he calls her or texts her.  Bless her heart, she just giggles and answers him with a "not yet" answer.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have guessed or understood the new set of emotions that were unwrapped when I heard the words "we are having a baby" from my daughter and her husband.  It is like a closet that has never been opened and when the door was opened, I was flooded (in a good way) with emotions.  There was such a strong sense of protectiveness that came on me...wanting to wrap Kidlet One in a cocoon and keep her safe during this time of growing a baby.  I also felt like my heart was going to explode with such love.  Oh my goodness I cannot explain it.  

Those of you that are already grandparents know this amazing chapter in life.  Those of you not grandparents, just wait.  Our Amazing God has kept a Special Love for Grandbabies tucked away in that closet I was alluding too.  When the announcement is made, He throws open that closet and all that Love washes out.

So, Baby Baby, we await your arrival!  Every single day you are being prayed for and you will be welcomed with such an overwhelming, amazing Love!  

Keep enjoying those mashed potatoes.  Grandma has more potatoes when you visit!!

Praise God...the miracle of a baby is in our family!

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