Sunday, December 18, 2011

Warmth in the Cold

It has snowed here in The Frozen Tundra. 
A beautiful carpet of white has been laid.
Along with the snow, comes cold weather.
We have a wood-burning fireplace in our home.
Last summer, The Husband found rotten wood under the non-permanent
siding on the chimney.
What a mess!
 The dark places on the photo show water damage to the chimney.
We hired a repair crew and for two days in the fall, they pulled off damaged, water-logged wood and replaced it with nice wood (can wood be nice?).  All of the work was done form scaffolding along the side of our house.

The work table for the team was set up along the boulevard.  Some folks stopped looking for a cool drink since we had the kool-aid sitting on the table!

New, permanent siding was added to the chimney and it really looks nice.

With the cold weather here to stay for awhile,
I'm grateful our fireplace can be used to warm us up!

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