Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Triple C's

Driving into work this morning I had the radio on in the car.  A one-minute "How to Parent Your Teen" meditation played with the commentator saying that Change - Conflict - Chaos can be a part of raising a teenager.  The facts in raising a teenager remain that they are changing and oftentimes that brings conflict with themselves and then with those around them.   The commentator encouraged us to work at resolving the conflicts so they didn't lead to chaos.

So many of you, my dear friends, have confided in me your change - conflict - chaos situations.  What I am calling The Triple C's are in my life as well.  None of us is immune.

However, with our risen Savior, Jesus Christ, do we not have hope?  Do we not have peace available?  How about the truth that He will never leave us nor forsake us?  He is a High Tower that we can run to.  He is the living water, the very air we breath.

Friends, don't let the Triple C's become a Fourth C:  consumption.  Don't let your problems consume you.

Change is going to happen.  In fact everything seems to be changing faster and faster.  As change brings conflict, work hard and diligently to resolve the issues.  Don't let your situation get to chaos.

My solution for the Triple C's is to change up what it stands for.  How about this:

Choose Christ Completely

With Christ, change, conflict and chaos can be controlled (am I overdoing the c-words in this paragraph)!!!

Seriously, may the Triple C's in your life bring hope, comfort, and joy as you Choose Christ Completely.

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