Monday, March 28, 2011

Bathroom Renovation

Twenty-three years ago we built our house.  Recently we decided to re-do the one bathroom we have on the main floor of the house. 

The remodel process took over a year because we couldn't decide what we wanted for a counter and vanity.  The sales people at Home Depot and Lowe's were very patient with us and most of the time hid the rolling of their eyes when they saw The Husband and I coming in again to look around.  Finally we made a decision and the process started.

Here is the original "single sink" and counter in the bathroom:

 Once we made our decision, we loaded a flatbed cart and two shopping carts full of supplies!

All of it was carried into the house and
stored in the livingroom as we started the renovation

 The Husband pulled out the old single set of lights and removed the huge mirror

 Holes were cut for the new light fixtures

Electricity to the room was cut off during the project

so lamps were brought in from the hallway

 The new lights were hung and wiring holes were patched

 The beige walls were prepped for painting

 The spiny ceiling was scrapped off and the new ceiling painted

 I love this shower curtain. A local paint store matched the paint to the curtain.

 Lightbulbs screwed in

Matching outlet covers put in place

 Here is the new "double sink" counter

 New faucets

The two matching mirrors aren't hung here
but in the finished bathroom they are hung centered over the sinks.
The new vanity is a dark, rich wood like the mirrors.

And after the project was finished, the piles of supplies
and bathroom reading material could be put away!

The completion of a project..amazing!

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