Monday, August 31, 2009

I don't want to do that...

Have you had opportunities or events, even invitations directed to you

that you just plain don't want to be involved with?

Last weekend I did.

But the little nudge came for me to participate on Sunday morning

and with the little nudge came the choice of what seemed like "giving in"

but in reality was an overwhelming blessing.

I went with the nudge and attended an event.  Had my socks blessed off me!

Many others were sockless, too!  They were blessed beyond measure.

If you don't know this...God IS good.  All the time.

He was so good on Sunday that my socks were blessed off me...not literally.

It was another opportunity for me to be amazed and to stand, with cold toes, in wonder

of His love for little old me!  Okay, not so little...and not SO old!  ha! ha!

Sometimes those I don't want to do that's are for our benefit. 

Oh how HE loves me and oh, oh, He loves YOU!

Go ahead....let Him amaze you!

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