Sunday, December 20, 2009


This is a Christmas gift from a very dear friend.  It is counted cross stitch.  I love quilts so really, really appreciate the picture and the details on that quilt.  Her dad built the stand for the picture which is totally awesome, too.  How neat that father and daughter use their gifts/talents to bless other people.

The quilt on my bed was a gift from a former boss.  As I was leaving a previous position I was given a gift certificate to a store that has tons of gift ideas but I knew right away that I was going to buy myself a quilt.  I'd never bought one and have always admired handstitched quilts.  The applique quilt that I purchased has been on our bed for the past 13 years.  It is a comfortable, snuggly quilt that is especially dear as I think of that former boss and his gracious gift to me.

Quilts, to me, are a symbol of comfort.  I've attempted making a few quilt tops over the years.  So far I've only completed a couple of quilt wall hangings.  The wall hangings have been gifts and have been made of fabrics that are special and represent family heritage.  That brings a sort of comfort to the recipient.  A sense of peace and "rest".


On the bottom of the wooden stand on this year's Christmas gift, my friend wrote out the verse Mark 6:31 "And He said to them, Come aside by yourself to a deserted place and rest awhile."

Rest.  Are you laughing that on this fourth day from Christmas I would choose to write about this word!  Maybe you are cringing because you have so much to "do" before Jesus' birthday party.  Isn't it just like Jesus to say, "hey...get away from it all...find a deserted place and just take a rest" .

My "get away from it all aka deserted place" is one of two places:  wrapped in a blanket in the recliner in the livingroom or...get ready for this...the bathtub.   I sure wish my blanket in the livingroom was a quilt and especially one like the cross stitched picture. Maybe someday I'll make one like that.

In the meantime, let me tell you that I am choosing rest on this day.  I've had some time today to be alone with the Lord. 

Can you do that, too?  In these next days, could I challenge you to find some time to rest.  Find some time to get to a deserted place and rest awhile." 

Focus on the One that can give you pure rest.

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